Non-Ferrous Scrap Recycling

Since 2008 FMC Metals has been utilizing its 60+ years of experience and state of the art equipment to quickly identify, sort, and process non-ferrous material in the most efficient way. FMC processes and ships over 50 million pounds of mill quality material to the end consumer annually.

Industrial Manufacturing Servicing

FMC has a variety of tilt hoppers, roll off boxes, and scrap bins to meet the varying requirements of any facility and type of scrap. All of our equipment is meticulously maintained by our committed staff to assure that they are leak proof and in prime condition to improve the organization and appearance of any facility.

Environmental/Hazardous Waste

Let FMC Metals eliminate the struggle of having to handle your own hazardous waste. Our professional team can provide an initial onsite evaluation and work closely with your company’s employees to ensure that you are in compliance with all California laws and regulations to make sure that your scrap will not pollute the environment. You FMC account representative will conduct monthly checks to ensure that all procedures are being followed.

Certificate of Destruction

FMC Metals has developed a certificate of destruction program accepted by the United States Military to contain, pick-up, and destroy sensitive scrap material. We ensure that the material has been properly handled and segregated to make sure that it is deemed safe and then destroyed.